Fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff…

Has there ever been someone who’s presence and impact on your life is so special that the example they set only grows stronger over time, regardless of if they are physically with you or not? Oh, I pray there is someone like that for you or will be someone like that for you because I know how precious a gift that is in this life. My Maw Maw was that person for me. Last week, I traveled back home to say a ‘see you again someday’ to her.

While I was visiting, my Mom and I went to do a (potentially) final walk through my Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house. They have both gone to heaven now so the house was empty…a way that I rarely have seen the place. It was usually full of life, laughter and sunshine but that day it ushered my emotions into a state of saying ‘goodbye’ to a place that was a magical haven during my childhood and “growing up” years. I went to corners of the house that were regular spots where Maw Maw and I sat to talk. Close to one of those spots were some small notebooks where Maw Maw had written prayers and thoughts. This was not an uncommon sight even when her house was bustling with grandkids and activity…I always remember her having notecards and notebooks and devotionals everywhere around her house. I picked up one and it was from the year 2000…I was 10!

The day after her funeral, I started flipping through her penned words and tears began to fill my eyes as I read her heartfelt prayers. Prayers for specific people, lessons the Lord was teaching her, but most of all…praise. She always knew how to “enter His gates with thanksgiving.” Just as I was becoming overwhelmed with emotion, a notecard that I had brought from her house caught my eye. I flipped it over and read these words: “Lord, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff– and nudge me when I’ve said enough.” And just like in true Maw Maw fashion…she left me both amazed and amused! I couldn’t help but giggle over this whimsical and wise rhyme turned prayer, that will now stay with me forever.

Maw Maw’s mouth was always filled with worthwhile stuff and her heart was always fixed on Christ. I know it didn’t happen overnight, it took years and years of learning, listening, leaning on Christ and spending quiet and secret moments seeking Jesus that produced the fruit all could see in her life. Even until her final days, she was encouraging those around her, making them smile, and praying for them. She kept a prayer journal at her bedside at the nursing home where she stayed the last few years. Everywhere she went and everything she did…had a greater purpose.

Thank you for reading the words that I’ve been needing to get out. I’m glad it’s reaching you. That’s part of my Maw Maw’s legacy as well. Because of her faithfulness and prayers…lives continue to be touched by her presence here on earth. I pray that as wives, mothers, friends, and the many other roles that we occupy, that our mouths will be filled with worthwhile stuff–and that we will be nudged when we’ve said enough. Now there’s a prayer that could change the way we live our lives…if we let it.



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  1. Patti Hinegardner

    Whitney, thank you for these words. Hope you do not mind, but I am going to go write your grandmother’s words on the white board that hangs in my dining room. Will be a great reminder to let the Lord lead and not ourselves. Blessings on you and your beautiful family.

    • Whitney

      Hi Patti! Absolutely! Oh, I’m so glad her words are continuing to touch lives and point people to Christ. She was an amazing lady. I hope you are doing well. SO wonderful to hear from you!

  2. Leah

    Just what I needed today friend! Especially the “nudge me when I’ve said enough”. The Lord has definitely given you His wisdom. So grateful for the lady that helped raise YOU. Because what a blessing YOU are to me! 😘😘😘

    • Whitney

      Thank you! Maw Maw always had the best way of saying things in just the right way that made you laugh and made you listen up. I loved that about her. You have blessed me since the moment I met you, sweet friend. You shine the Lord’s light so brightly. Love you!

  3. nan morris

    Whitney, You captured Mama so well. She had such a strong faith, and a wonderful sense of humor. Mama was blessed with patience and love for everyone she met. Truly an example for us all. Love you sweet girl. Aunt Nan

    • Whitney

      Thank you, Aunt Nan. She absolutely did. Thinking about her brings the biggest smile to my face and reminds me to strive to emulate Christ like she did to so many people. She was so very special. I’m so thankful the Lord shared her with our family. I love you.

  4. Whitney,

    What a lovely tribute to your MawMaw. Thank you for sharing her words of wisdom. I pray they will echo in my mind and both nudge and muzzle me when needed. Love you, sweetie.

    • Whitney

      Thank you so much, Ms. Gayle. That means so much to me. She was an amazing lady and such a woman of God. I’m blessed to have known her. I love you too!

  5. Gloria Etters

    Thank you for sharing Whitney. Three generations of precious women. I can only hope that my grandchildren have those types of memories about this Maw Maw ❤

    • Whitney

      Thank you so much, Gloria! I’ve been blessed by the Lord with special ladies to look up to. So thankful for each of them. I know you will leave the most precious legacy for your beautiful Grands. I sure hope I do too one day. So wonderful to hear from you!

  6. Marlene Backert

    I had no idea you were a writer! And one that touches my soul, as well! Love this remembrance. Please add me to your list of readers waiting for your next post! God bless you as you have blessed others… passing on your grandmother ‘s legacy.

    • Whitney

      Ms. Marlene, thank you so very much. Your words of encouragement are so uplifting and timely. I will do that as soon as I figure out how! haha! This blog is a long time coming…I’m no tech wiz, that is for sure, but I know God has asked me to write and so I’m moving forward in obedience. I pray I can serve the Lord with boldness (even when I don’t feel very bold or qualified) and also leave a legacy like my Maw Maw did. Thank you for always lifting others up in so many ways, I pray the Lord overflows His blessings on you.

  7. Piper

    What a legacy your grandmother left!! What precious words from your heart!! I will be posting her prayer as I know that I say way too much!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Whitney

      I’m so sorry for my super late response! Thank you so much for your kind words! That means so much to me. She was such a special lady with wisdom upon wisdom from her deep relationship with Jesus and her love for Him. I’m so thankful for her impact and legacy. HAHA! me too! I have it posted right where I can see it regularly before I open my big mouth! HAHA!

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